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OFFER 50% OFF - Windshield Wiper Arm Spring Pressure Booster


✨Say Goodbye to Weak Windshield Wipers in Any Weather!

🚗Experience Enhanced Wiper Performance: Provides extra power to all wipers, ensuring they effectively sweep away rain, snow, and dirt for a clearer and safer view on the road.

Enhance Wiper Performance: Adds Pressure, Secures Wipers Firmly on the Windshield, and Eliminates Wiper Vibrations. Elevate Your Vehicle's Visibility with Precision Design for Improved Wiper Blade Contact.

Universal Fit: Prolong Wiper Blade Lifespan, Prevent Wiper Lift, Enhance Mud, Snow, and Slush Removal, and Conserve Windshield Washer Fluid.

Easy Installation: Effortless setup guarantees less time spent on installation and more time enjoying heightened performance in rain and snow.

Effortless Installation: Spend less time installing and more time enjoying enhanced performance in rain and snow.

Clear View Upgrade Kit: Perfect for boosting your wiper system's performance. Includes additional springs for optimal windshield clarity, ensuring safe and enjoyable driving. Elevate your driving experience by upgrading your wiper system today!


Applicable Models: All Models

Scraping Angle: 60-90 degrees

Motor Rated Voltage: 500V

Wiper Range: Integral Wiper

Material: Steel

1 pair windshield Wiper Arm Pressure Spring Booster

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