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OFFER💥 White Shoe Quick Wipes

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💥Achieve an Instant Shine with Ease💥

Resolve Shoe Emergencies Without Polish, Brushes, or Clothes!

Be prepared for any shoe mishaps with our convenient solution. Keep some handy in your desk at work for a quick shine before important meetings, or stash some in your purse for on-the-go scuff fixes.

MAINTAINS SHOE HEALTH: The convenient wipes help keep your shoes clean without darkening or drying out the leather. No streaking either. You can use them on different leather colors, and they help clean the sides of the soles as well.

Individually Sealed for Freshness:

Unlike other wipes that dry out quickly, leaving your shoes looking dull, La Fresh wipes are individually packaged to preserve their moisture levels. Perfect for travel, they ensure your shoes stay refreshed wherever you go!

Versatile Cleaning Solution:

Our wipes aren't just for shoes💥they're also perfect for cleaning leather handbags, purses, and briefcases, ensuring they stay looking their best.

Quick, Easy, and Disposable

Shining your shoes is a breeze with our wipes💥no buffing required, and no mess left behind. Simply use them for a minute, then toss them away when you're done—it's that simple!


- Color: Black
- Efficacy: Decontamination, maintenance, deep cleaning
- Size: 150 x 200 mm

Package Includes
- 1 x White Shoe Artifact (available in packs of 12pcs, 24pcs, 36pcs, or 60pcs)

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