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🌱 Slow Release Plant Spikes Plant Fertilizer Sticks


Elevate your gardening game with our meticulously crafted plant food sticks, formulated to streamline nutrient absorption and simplify plant care.

Crafted for the busy yet discerning plant enthusiast, our sticks offer a fuss-free approach to nurturing your botanical companions. Invest in the health and vitality of your plants with our premium-grade fertilizer sticks – a must-have for any green space aficionado.

🌱Bullet Points🌱

  1. Simple Application: Say goodbye to tedious mixing and watering routines with our plant fertilizer sticks. Designed for direct application to plant roots, they provide effortless nourishment, fostering optimal growth without the hassle.

  2. Premium Ingredients: Our fertilizer sticks boast a meticulously balanced blend of plant nutrients, enriched with a variety of extracts and superior materials. Offering comprehensive nutrition, they cater to the diverse needs of your beloved plants.

  3. Potent Performance: Elevate your plants' environment with our fertilizer sticks, enhancing nutrient absorption efficiency and enriching soil with organic matter and beneficial microorganisms. Witness vibrant, robust growth as they thrive under the nurturing influence of our powerful formula.

  4. Efficient Absorption: Engineered for direct uptake by plant roots, our fertilizer sticks optimize nutrient absorption, minimizing waste and maximizing nutrient utilization. Experience enhanced plant health and vitality with every application.

  5. Time-Saving Solution: Designed for the modern gardener, our fertilizer sticks are a time-saving marvel. Simply insert them into the soil and let their innovative formula work its magic for up to two months. Enjoy stunning results with minimal effort.


  1. Product Name: Plant Fertilizer Sticks
  2. Size: 6072mm/2.362.83in (approx.)
  3. Net Weight: 24g (approx.)


  1. Insert the fertilizer stick into moist potting soil around the plant, ensuring it's fully submerged.
  2. For compact soil, pre-drill holes for easy insertion.
  3. Apply every three months in spring and summer, and every four months in autumn and winter. Water plants as usual.


Dosage Guide:

  • Flower Pot Diameter --- Recommended Dosage
    • 10cm --- 1 stick
    • 20cm --- 2 sticks
    • 30cm --- 3 sticks
    • (Increase by 1 stick for every additional 10cm in pot diameter)


Packing List:

1 box x Plant Fertilizer Sticks (18 sticks)

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