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Mosquito & Flies Trap Lamp

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Enjoy a mosquito-free home!
Our Mosquito & Flies Trap Lamp is an innovative insect repellent lamp that is designed to get rid of flies, mosquitos and all insects safely and effectively. Harmless and toxic-free, it naturally traps the insects that you won't even notice.

Built with top-quality material making it sturdy and durable, it ensures long service life throughout all seasons. Designed with a 365nm light that efficiently attracts the mosquitos, moths, flies, and other insects. While the silent 35db frequency that attracts insects only, it is completely inaudible and safe to human beings and pets.

With the built-in 360° noise-free vacuum fan that is designed with strong suction mechanism, insects flying from any direction will be sucked into the chamber and eliminated effectively due to the dehydration of the airflow.

  • Simulates Warmblood Attraction:
    Designed with 365nm light that mimics  humans & animals, effectively attracts mosquitos. irresistible to mosquitos, flies, moths, and more!
  • Silent Deep-frequency:
    Built with a silent 35db frequency that further attracts mosquitos while being completely silent to humans and pets.

  • 360° Noise-free Vacuum Fan:
    No matter flying from which direction, once the mosquitos get within range of the trap, a strong vacuum fan will suck the mosquitos into an anti-escape trap.

  • Anti-escape Drying Chamber:
    Situated at the bottom of the vacuum fan gives mosquitos and other bugs nowhere to escape. the motion of the vacuum quickly dries and kills any bugs lured in. 

  • 100% Non-toxic & Safe:
    Unlike other bug zappers, our mosquito trap is 100% non-toxic. using scientific, peer-reviewed documents on the instinctual nature of the mosquito. It safely traps and kills them without any harmful sprays or radiation. Super safe for pets and children.

  • Convenient & Portable:
    Powered by USB charging, can be connected to adapters, mobile power, computers or any device with a USB port. Easy to carry it around for usage in living room, kitchen, baby room, bedroom, basement, shop, office, travel or camping.
  • Wide Application:
    Waterproof & easy to clean. Great for both indoor & outdoor use, such as home, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, warehouse, hotel, garden, campsite etc. Protects against annoying and disease-carrying flies. Perfect for mosquitoes, small bugs, flies.
  • Better Sleep:
    With the silent 35db frequency that is completely inaudible to human beings and pets. It noiselessly yet powerfully repels annoying insects in the deepest recesses of your mattress. 


  • Material: ABS, Electronic Components 
  • Color: White 
  • Size: 10x10x17.5cm (Small), 12x12x21.5cm (Large)
  • Power: USB 


  • 1pc x Mosquito & Flies Trap Lamp

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